ASPEN INN – A 100% HONEST REVIEW – In Beautiful Creede, Colorado!

This video is our 100% honest review of staying at the Aspen Inn, in beautiful Creede, Colorado. Please note that we stayed in the Summer Room Suite, but there are other suites also available at the Aspen Inn. This video will provide you with a true insiders view of the Summer Room Suite. It will not only show you what the Summer Room Suite exactly looks like and its room amenities; but we also tell you the exact dollar costs that we paid at the time of our stay in the Town of Creede, Colorado. At the end of the video we also provide a 100% honest and truthful overall rating for the Aspen Inn.

It is extremely important to us that you the viewer know that we do not have any current or future business interests in the Aspen Inn. Additionally, no discounts of any kind were provided to us during our stay at the Aspen Inn in Creede, Colorado. Furthermore, we were not paid by the Aspen Inn to produce this video. We have provided a 100% honest review of our experience of staying at the Aspen Inn in Creede, Colorado on July 1st and July 2nd of 2020. It is important that this be said and the viewer be fully informed to these facts; as our creditability for doing this video (and for any and all of the other videos that we produce on YouTube) is of extreme importance to us.

The experience that we had when visiting the Town of Creede in southern Colorado was great! We think that Creede, Colorado is a great place to take a vacation and the Aspen Inn is a great and really relaxing place to stay. The owner of the Aspen Inn (Bunny) is a really nice person and we enjoyed talking with her and the rest of the friendly staff. We never at any point during our stay informed them that we would be producing a video about our experience of staying at the Aspen Inn. Therefore, we feel our experience of staying at the Aspen Inn that is being provided to you is 100% authentic.

If this video of our experience of staying at the Aspen Inn in Creede, Colorado was a major reason that you decided to stay at the Aspen Inn or even visit the Town of Creede, please let the owner (Bunny) and other businesses located in the downtown area know.

The Town of Creede is relaxing and the people and businesses located there were really friendly and respectful to the tourists when we visited on July 1st and July 2nd of 2020. There are also really a lot of great outdoor activities available to explore in Creede, Colorado. A few that we would recommend (since we actually did them) that you try to explore is the various Creede downtown shops and restaurant areas; drive or hike the Bachelors Loop area, visit the Creede Fire Department (if you run into the Fire Chief tell them Longry sent you to see all of the glory of the in ground firehouse :), spend an afternoon at the Last Chance Mine, and visit the Creede Miners Museum.

Creede is one of the last few undiscovered Colorado mountain towns that most people just don’t know or have heard about. It is somewhat difficult to get to the Town of Creede, but the experience is really worth the drive. We can see why the historical motto of Creede, Colorado is The Last Boom Town. In case you were wondering about the weather; it was nice and really cool (approximately 71 degrees) when we stayed at the Aspen Inn on July 1st and 2nd. If you are looking to get out of the summer heat; Creede Colorado may be somewhere you may want to check out and explore.

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Lastly, the music that was partially used in this video of our review of the Aspen Inn in Creede, Colorado was “Euro-Trash Girl” by Cracker and “Northern Redneck” by Aaron Lewis. We do not own or claim to own the copyright to any of these songs, which strictly belongs to the artists mentioned above. The above mentioned performers are outstanding musical artists and we highly recommend that you purchase the music that they produce thru either their websites or various commercial locations that may be available. However, the songs that were used in this video were done so under and with the sole intention of the “Fair Use” doctrine.

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